Monday, October 5, 2009

Symposium Advanced Automotive Design

On 25 Semptember 2009 Delft University hosted a Symposium on automotive design which saw the participation of Adrian Van Hooydonk and other designers from Pininfarina, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Alfa Romeo. A video coverage is available.
The symposium 'Advanced Automotive Design' which took place on 25 September 2009 was one of the highlights of the 40-year anniversary of the Faculty of IDE (Industr├Čal Design and Enginering) at Delft University.
Speakers, all IDE alumni of the TU Delft, during the symposium were: Adrian Van Hooydonk (BMW), Lowie Vermeersch(Pininfarina), Fedde TalsmaWouter Kets (Audi), Sarkis Benliyan (Mercedes), Ramon Ginah (Alfa Romeo), Doeke de Walle(Pininfarina), Bart van Lotringen (DAF) and Bart Janssen Groesbeek (Ducati).
The panel discussion was moderated by Joris Luyendijk (known from his columns in NRC Handelsblad and the Dutch TV-show 'Zomergasten') while the introduction keynote was done by Stephen Bayley (e.g. author of 'Cars' and columnist for the English 'CAR Magazine').
Additional information about the speakers can be found here, while a 3 hours and 39 minutes video is available here.

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