Monday, October 5, 2009

How to Illustrate and Design Concept Cars: review

A review of "How to illustrate and design Concept Cars", the book by Adrian Dewey published by UK-based Veloce that cover both traditional and digital drawings presenting the author's techniques and workflow process.
Published by Veloce, "How to illustrate and design Concept Cars" by Adrian Dewey is an easy to follow guide on how to draw cars that covers traditional media - from pencils to markers and airbrushes - as well as computer generated drawings.
The book can be purchased at £17.99 / $35.95 from or from Veloce's website, where a sample pdf chapter is available for download.
With his "How to illustrate and design Concept Cars" Adrian Dewey presents the reader with an interesting overview of drawing techniques, materials and tools.
The book is written with a personal style: Adrian shares his experiences as a designer and illustrator and comments the included pictures explaining the choices in terms of colors, point of view and perspective angle and describing how the used techniques produce different results.
After a basic presentation of car proportions and perspective, a chapter explains the waydifferent colors react to light with different reflections and shades.
Then, the reader is presented with an overview of different car external components - wheels and tires, windows and glass, lights and grilles - which offers insights on how they contribute to the overall design and provides specific tips and techniques.
The next section deals with various car typologies: from city cars to family cars to 4x4 and racing cars.
The last sections consists of in-depth tutorials, covering pen and marker renderings and digital renderings, and two step-by-step guides for Photoshop.
"How to illustrate and design Concept Cars" is a very interesting book for everyone who loves drawing and rendering cars.
Adrian Dewey spent most of his childhood drawing cars. On leaving school he went on to study Product Design, and later Transport Design.

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