Saturday, October 3, 2009

Honda EV-N Concept

The Honda EV-N Concept is an small four-seat eletric car inspired by the 1960's N360 micro car. Among the highlights are the replaceable seat fabrics, a solar panel roof and a communications system integrated in the front fascia.
The EV-N is a small, 4-seater battery electric vehicle, inspired by the N360, Honda's 360cc micro car launched in the 1960s. It is powered by small electric motor, connected to a lithium-ion battery pack.
It features solar panels in the roof, which could be used to charge the on-board battery. The cabin has repleaceable seat fabrics and the passenger door integrates a UX-3 personal device.
The front fascia integrates a communication-system which makes use of lights hidden behind the grille. According to Honda, the EV-N is purely a design study and there are no plans for production.
The EV-N Concept will be presented by Honda at the 2009 Tokyo Motor Show at the "HELLO! Zone" (Honda Electric mobility Loop), a showcase for the company's latest electric vehicles and technologies.

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