Friday, October 2, 2009

BMW Lovos Concept

The BMW Lovos Concept is an original design study of a futuristic vehicle with an exterior body made of 260 identical movable parts which integrate air-braking and photovoltaic functions. The designer is German design student Anne Forschner from Pforzheim University.
The BMW Lovos ("Lifestyle of Voluntary Simplicity") Concept is a design study by Anne Forschner that showcases an original approach to car design.
The result of an experimental research is a vehicle that is made by 260 identical, exchangeable pieces which are fixed with a hinge on a substructure.
The individual pieces are movable, which allows the surface of the vehicle to be closed - like the scales of a fish – or opened to the environment.
These pieces work like airbrakes and are also photovoltaic, following the movement of the sun when the vehicle is stationary.
The pieces of the covered wheels are also functional: as soon as the vehicle starts driving, 12 pieces per wheel change their formation and move inside, just like a turbine.
As Anne Forschner explains "Contrasts, emotion and provocation are the main themes of the design."
Anne Forschner is a 24 year old german student who has just finished her 7 Semester Transportation Design Course at Pforzheim University.

(Car Body Design's news)

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