Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Nissan Micra 2010

Nissan has revealed the first preview sketches of the fourth generation of its global compact car, which will feature a modern design with smooth surfaces and a dynamic stance. It will go on sale from March 2010.
Compared to the current model, the design sketches of the 2010 Nissan Micra reveal a completely different design direction.
The exterior design appears targeted to a wider international audience and has smoother surfaces combined with a sporty look.
The front end features two grilles and two mini power-domes on the hood surface.
The rear end is characterized by the diamond-like contour of the rear window and by the license plate integrated in the bumper - a first for the Micra model.
The proportions and the lines share some styling cues with other models of the compact and ultra-compact segments such as theOpel Corsa, the Toyota Aygo and the Renault Twingo.
The new Micra will be produced from March 2010 at Nissan's plants in China and India and will be first launched in Thailand, where it will qualify as Thailand’s first “Eco-car.” (Thai Eco-car government policy is effective today and will help promote the development of energy efficient vehicles.)

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