Sunday, September 20, 2009

Renault Fluence Z.E. Concept

The Fluence Z.E. Concept is Renault's vision of an all-electric family car for the next future. The exterior is characterized by high-tech graphic elements, while the interior features flowing forms. It offers a range of 160 km and previews a production model.
The range is up to 160km, and the battery can be charged using one of three methods: a standard charge (between four and eight hours), a quick charge (20 minutes) or an immediate solution (three minutes) which takes the form of the exclusive 'Quickdrop' rapid battery exchange system.
Its identity as an electric vehicle is expressed through thegraphic treatment of the cooling ducts, the fins of which are reminiscent of heat transfer surfaces, and this theme is echoed in different ways in the design of the headlights and motor cover.
The photovoltaic cells located on the panoramic roof, dashboard and rear parcel shelf form a geometric grid pattern which has been carried over to the grille and seat upholstery.
Styling cues share with Renault's 'family' of electric vehicles include the Atmosphere Blue body colour, the specific luminous blue signature which features in the curved lower part of the body sides; the use of LEDs at the front and rear; the design of its headlights, - the recess behind the logo on the hood.
The headlights convey the same impression of softness suggested by the vehicle's overall lines and colour.
The centre console incorporates two floating armrests and forms a fluid, rearward-flowing arc. At the front, the integrated central front armrest includes the stop/start button, the air-conditioning and volume controls, as well as the new touchscreen Samsung Jet phone.
The photovoltaic cells meet part of the car's energy requirements with a view to complementing the power supplied by the battery, - the headlights use high-performance electroluminescent diodes which deliver an excellent trade-off between efficiency and energy consumption, - the triple-zone climate control system allows occupants to achieve just the right settings for the two seats at the front and at the rear.
The air vents also feature a dynamic lighting code, with blue representing the passage of cold air and red representing warm air, - the car's aerodynamics have been meticulously honed to minimize drag, including streamlined rear-view mirrors with integrated rearward facing cameras, a completely enclosed underside incorporating a diffuser at the rear, and spiral-form wheel rims, - Fluence Z.E. Concept runs on low rolling resistance Michelin tyres.

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