Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Bowler Raptor Concept

The Bowler Raptor Concept is an extreme dune buggy developed to compete in the Baja 1000 off-road race. It features an exposed structure with A-pillarless design and minimal bodywork inspired by superbikes. The author is Coventry graduate Ryan Skelley.
The Raptor Concept is an all-terrain extreme dune buggy designed by Ryan Skelley as British brand Bowler's first entry into the Tecate Score Baja 1000 race.
The vehicle features a design characterized by an an exposed chassis with A-pillarless design, a cantilever roof and minimal bodywork with angular shapes.
The all-electric drivetrain has a unique "hot-swap" battery propels the raptor to speeds of up to 130mph and a race distance of 190 miles.
As Ryan Skelley explains, "The Raptor is inspired by the Dakar and Baja rallies and the vehicles which compete in them.
"Whilst keeping elements of traditional 4x4s, the design also incorporates modern-day technology and eco-conscious materials."
The vehicles angular bodywork takes inspiration from bothmodern architecture and superbikes, resulting in both a unique vehicle aesthetic as well as a highly functional body panel system.
The body panels are all held onto the vehicle with hex-head bolts, are all independent of each other and can be replaced quicklywhen damaged.
"A lack of A-pillars and a cantilever roof provide an unrivalled view from the driver's seat, giving a near panoramic view of the landscape."
The main dimensions are a length of 3,990mm, a width of 2,500mm and a height of 1,680mm.
The vehicle's battery consists of two Enerdel Lithium-Titanate packs in tandem, a total of 52 KW, paired with a next generation Siemens electric motor and single speed transaxle.
The iPhone in the dash provides the vehicle with a constant internet connection as well as acting as a secondary screen.
The confederate flag is used not only as a humour piece, but also to reinforce the vehicles rugged, gun-ho nature.
Ryan Skelley graduated from Coventry University with a Bachelor of Arts with Honours First Class in Automotive Design with Professional Enhancement.

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