Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Hyundai ix-Metro Concept

Debuting at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show, the Hyundai ix-Metro is an entry-level hybrid CUV created by the Global Design Team in Korea, which explores new design directions taking inpiration from space travel.
The ix-Metro is set to be completed just in time for the Frankfurt Motor Show – chief designer, Thomas Bürkle, said: “It will arrive in Frankfurt just in time. The paint is almost wet when you see it first.”
Rogelio J. Flores (Chief designer on the ix-Metro project), explained "We wanted the ix-Metro to be something out of this world. We took our inspiration from NASA and even sci-fi movies because spacecraft are universally understood symbols of progress and innovation."
It explores a new direction with its use of faceted surfaces andstrong triangulating lines achieving a pleasing dynamic tension. The high beltline gives a protective feeling, while twenty-inch rims give the vehicle a purposeful muscular stance.
Up front, ice-blue LED lighting elements interplay with subtle shades of gold, while the faceted front grille with its integrated fog lamps projects a striking, imposing look.
While to outward appearances the lack of a B-pillar may lead one to conclude the ix-Metro adopts a conventional ‘suicide door’ configuration, engineers rejected the rear-hinge in favor of a sliding mechanism for the rear door.
The pillar less design not only enlarges the greenhouse to improve all-round visibility, but more importantly allows easier entry and egress into the rear passenger area.
The idea of a protective capsule served as the guiding principle for the interior designers, who opted for a wraparound effect connecting the dashboard, center console, door panel and front seats for a strongly unified look.
Body: Monocoque 5-door
Length: 3925mm
Width: 1760mm
Height: 1576mm
Wheelbase: 2513mm
Ground clearance: 207 mm
Seating: 2 + 2
Engine: 3-cylinder 1-litre Turbocharged GDI
Valvetrain: 12-valve DOHC with CVVT
Max HP: 92kW@6000rpm
Peak Torque: 16.0kg.m@1750~4500rpm
Transmission: 6-speed Dual Clutch Type
CO2 emissions: 80g/km
Electric Motor: 5kW integrated starter/alternator
Battery: 12V augmented by Electric Double Layer Capacitor
Gross Vehicle Weight: 950kg
Tires: 245/40 R 20

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