Thursday, September 24, 2009

Buick Avant Concept

The Buick Avant Concept is a design study of a small luxury vehicle targeted to premium customers. Innovative solutions include smart doors with double opening system, a sliding driving position and a roof with variable opacity.
The interior is characterized by a flexible layout: when there is no passenger on the front seat, the driver's seat and all the controls - steering wheel, pedals and gauges - slide towards the center of the car to offer a "more natural position" and more room to the driver.
The so called "smart-doors" can open both by swinging and sliding forwards, depending on the space available detected by the in-door sensors when the vehicle is parked.
A theatrical addition is the "micro-pergola" roof, which can change its transparency by means of an array of transversal rotating surfaces. To make easier the luggage loading and unloading operations, a "luggage shelf" slides outwards to "present" the luggage.
"We designed six exterior themes and four interior concepts as proposals. Each utilized some of the features we developed, and took the Buick aesthetic in a new direction."

(Car Body Design's news)

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