Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Citroën REVOLTe Concept

The Citroën REVOLTe Concept is a sophisticated hybrid urban vechicle inspired by the 2CV. The exterior design features sculpted sides with rear-hinged doors, whicle the colorful futuristic interior has a three-seats layout and resembles a modern lounge.
Inspired by the 2CV, REVOLTe takes the key attributes of Citroën’s timeless and iconic classic and turns them on their head a clear example of Citroën looking to the future by taking inspiration from its cool past.
Where the 2CV was plain and neutral, REVOLTe is luxurious and colourful; where the 2CV was basic and simple, REVOLTe is intelligent and technologically advanced and where the 2CV was slow and bouncy, REVOLTe is lively and spirited.
Rear-hinged doors provide easy access to the multi-coloured cabin, with woven black leather, thick crimson velvet and gleaming aluminium.
REVOLTe’s bright colours and luxury styling reflects Citroën’s bold creativity and the desire to modernise notions of conventional car design.
Thanks to iridescent, glossy colours, silky smooth textiles and sophisticated materials, REVOLTe has a vibrant, dare-to-be-different interior that throws tradition aside.
The original and distinctive three-seater layout - driver’s seat to one side with two passenger seats behind it - is designed to resemble a lounge, with the rear seats taking the form of a contemporary sofa.
With a design philosophy of sophistication and the use of environmentally responsible technology, REVOLTe’s re-chargeable hybrid power-train features a small-capacity conventional combustion engine combined with an electric motor and a battery re-charging function. It also provides the option of CO2-free driving with the ability to run in all-electric ZEV (Zero Emission Vehicle) mode.

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