Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Suzuki R3 Concept

At the 2010 Auto Expo in New Delhi (5-11 January 2010), Suzuki Motor Corporation is displaying the R3 Concept, designed at Maruti Suzuki India’s Research and Development department.
The R3 Concept is a compact MPV that can seat six people in three rows and has been designed as an example of a vehicle that could cater for India’s rapidly changing car market and where consumer lifestyles are quickly evolving.
R3 combines compact dimensions and stylish profiling with four wide opening doors without a central B pillar, allowing easy access for all occupants.
As the Indian automobile production subsidiary of Suzuki, Maruti Suzuki has had a major presence in the local market since 1983 and currently holds around a 55 per cent market share of the passenger car market.

(Car Body Design's news)

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