Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Honda HSV-010 Testing

Honda Racing has recently been spotted testing the HSV-010 at the Suzuka Race Track in Japan. Some spectators even snagged some great test video of the screaming formula-one-esque V8s shaking up the bleachers.
Some have said the exterior styling could be that of a projected revival of the NSX… but most (including Honda) say not a chance. Judging by the level of detail from this test subject it should be interesting to see what could end up on future production vehicles.
Honda is experimenting in many exterior styling motifs that many of the high end exotic cars have employed. Extreme tumble home sheering, as if taking a cheese cutter to a block of clay at an angle, then finishing it off with a sweet little DLO graphic.
Honda designers have even brought in a bit of bangle-ism/ Lexus L flare in the rear lamp design; accentuating the extreme funnel shape the car takes while pulling in all of its shape complexity; ranging from soft edges of the front attributes, to harsh body lines and shoulders that pull the car back as if in a sling shot while standing still.

(Car Body Design's news)

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