Tuesday, January 19, 2010

2011 Infiniti M

The third generation Infiniti M flagship sedan will be launched in the European market for the first time. The brand's halo car is to be released in the US first and poised to take on its German rivals in their home market from September 2010.
Infiniti M is the luxury flagship saloon that will step up its game to take on the European market for its third iteration.
With that in mind Infiniti emphasis that this executive class auto is a more exclusive alternative to the usual 5-Series and E-Classes.
The front-mid mounted V6 petrol, diesel and later hybrid with rear wheel drive doesn’t sound much different to most of the competitors, but, this setup works so well in this market sector.
The features that will please the “indie” crowd will have to come from elsewhere.
At Infiniti, automatic air conditioning is to be known as “Forest Air”, which claims to promote alertness and relieve stress with the subtle scent of forest.
There is a long list of equipment including such highlights as; Blind Spot Intervention, drive mode selector, Active Noise Control and Downshift Rev Matching. As this sort of gadgetry is to be expected at this level, the real differentiation needs to be in the design.
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