Friday, December 4, 2009

Honda P-NUT Concept

At the 2009 LA Auto Show Honda has unveiled the P-NUT Concept (Personal-Neo Urban Transport), a design study of a futuristic city coupé developed by the company's California-based Advanced Design Studio. Among the features are the 1+2 seating layout and the aerodynamic body.
Created by the Advanced Design Studio of Honda R&D Americas, Inc. in Los Angeles, the Honda Personal-Neo Urban Transport (P-NUT) design study model is a futuristic ultra-compact city coupe.
The packaging concept integrates a center driving position configuration (1+2 seating layout) and a rear powertrain layout.
The exterior styling leverages crisp angles with dynamic flowing lines that originate from the front of the vehicle and span outward toward the rear.
“A new generation is discovering the benefits of living in urban centers that provide convenient access to business, entertainment and social opportunities,” said Dave Marek, director of advanced design for Honda R&D Americas, Inc.
The interior layout, in conjunction with the rear powertrain design, contributes prominently to the exterior’s overall shape.
The modular rear engine bay, depicted on the exterior by blue composite material, is designed to accommodate a wide variety of potential propulsion technologies including a conventional small displacement internal combustion engine, a hybrid gasoline-electric powertrain, or a battery-electric powertrain.

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