Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Audi Avatar Concept

The Audi Avatar Concept is a futuristic 3-seat electric supercar inspired by the modern racing videogames and by the 1937 Auto Union Type C Streamline with an aerodynamic exterior with three glass canopies. The author is Australian designer Edwin Conan.
The Audi Avatar Concept is a futuristic 3-seat electric supercar designed by Australian Edwin Conan to provide drivers of 2032 the joy of driving that they had playing racing games when they were kids.
The exterior design of the car is inspired by the form of fabric blown in the wind. The form also carries traces ofthe historical Auto Union Type C Streamline racer.
There are no conventional doors on the car, but instead, inspired by the jet fighters, there are three glass canopies. The main canopy opens forward together with the steering wheel and the dashboard; the two passengers’ canopies open backwards; and a side panel on the bodywork opens downwards to act as a step, making the event of getting in and out of the cockpit very special and easy.
The interior of the car is as simple and futuristic as the exterior.It consists of one continuous sheet, starting from the dashboard, then being folded and bended to create floor carpet and seats.
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