Saturday, July 11, 2009

Pagani Zonda Cinque Roadster

Pagani has unveiled the Zonda Cinque Roadster, the open version of the model unveiled in 2008. The V12-powered supercar maintains the features of its coupé counterpart, with modifications to the carbon-titanium monocoque introduced to compensate for the absence of the roof.
As the name implies ('Cinque' is 'Five' in Italian) it is created in the Modenese Atelier in a limited production run of just five pieceslike its coupé sister.
The projected price is 1.3 million Euros (about 1.8 million USD) excluding taxes.
The Carbon-Titanium chassis has been redesigned for the compensation of the removal of the roof which can be stored in the front hood. Thanks to the extensive weight reduction measures the total mass is 1,210 kg.
The supercar has 678 hp and 780 Nm of torque. The APP monolitic wheels forged in aluminium and magnesium are combined with Pirelli PZero tires 255/35/19 at the front and 335/30/20 at the rear.
The Zonda Cinque Roadster can be adapted to the different driving situation - from everyday use to racetrack - thanks to the selectable drive modes of the sequential robostised gearbox and the adjustable suspension setup.

(Car Body Design news)

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