Friday, July 31, 2009

Citroën Eco-Luxury Sedan

The Citroën Eco-Luxury Sedan is a design study for a futuristic luxury vehicle which features a 1+2 seating layout, an electric powertrain and a textured glass-roof. It was created by Coventry graduate Ankit Prashar.
As Ankit explains "The concept behind the project was to create a vehicle that could offer extravagant levels of luxury to its passengers and yet be sustainable”.
"The exterior design of the car provides a fresh take on the Citroen design language. The car has a unique shoulder line which takes its inspiration from the wing-structure of a bat. The front-end design is inspired by the double-chevron logo and gives a new meaning to the brand identity."
“The overall design gives a fresh interpretation to the long-wheelbase super luxury sedan segment.”
“Since most high-end luxury cars are chauffer driven and carry a maximum of two passengers at the rear, this seating layout provides better space and luxury to the rear passengers ensuring immense leg-room without increasing the overall length of the car”.
"The rear wheels of the vehicle are individually attached to the body. This enables the vehicle to have a flat floor bed on the rear which further maximizes the interior space,"explains Ankit.
Ankit Prashar is an Indian National who has recently graduated as an Automotive Designer from the Coventry School of Art & Design. He also undertook the 1st year of the course at I.E.D, in Turin, Italy.
His past experience includes a 15-week placement at Maruti Suzuki India Ltd. He is currently looking for internship and freelance oppurtunities.

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